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Stewardship — Offering Time & Talent

There are many avenues and opportunities for giving at First Presbyterian Church of Portales. We who believe give ourselves to Christ and commit ourselves to His service. We know he works through people, and we recognize we are his people. This website describes many opportunities by which we may give back to Him in worship and service. Music, outreach to the community, teaching Sunday school, and work party participations are but a few.

The ministry of the church is supported by the faithful financial giving of the congregation too. The annual church budget provides for the many activities, programs and functions of the church including maintenance of the buildings and grounds. Members of the church are encouraged to make an annual pledge because the church's annual operating budget is based upon expected income. Typically pledges are requested in the last few months of the year and the new budget is built in January by those from the congregation elected to the session (the ruling body of the church).

First Presbyterian Church, Portales, New Mexico