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Worship Times and Schedules

Worship services are the main focal part of Portales' First Presbyterian Church's Congregational life. All who are believers are welcome to attend to worship God as a part of their individual spiritual journey.

Sunday Worship Times

First Sunday of every month Communion is available during the worship service. First Presbyterian Church practices an open communion table. We believe it is the Lord's table, therefore all are welcome to participate at the Lord's table.

The congregation remain in their seats for contemplation and prayer as the meal is served by the elders. Each individual partakes of the bread when it is passed to them as they are served. It signifies our individual commitment to God. When the juice of the grape is passed in individual cups, each is asked to wait until all have been served to partake of it, as it represents our corporate commitment to God.

Second Sunday of every month (except during the summer months of June through August) a fellowship potluck meal is served in Fellowship hall following service.

First Presbyterian Church, Portales, New Mexico